The solution
to mobile marketing management

Empowering mobile marketers with intelligence: actionable campaign insights increase efficiency, enabling mobile marketers to optimize marketing spend.

Hydrane mobile marketing data

You are in control of the comprehensive Hydrane solution. With our range of features, manage all offers in one place and always stay informed of your prefered campaign actions, and alerted to any abnormal activity. Focus on reducing spend and maximizing your mobile ROI, while Hydrane technology does the work for you.

instant access to customized reports

Rapid dynamic

Time is of the essence; and the Hydrane platform grants instant access to customized reports at speeds far above industry standard.

Bidmotion offers solutions to gain long term users

LTV dashboard and automated KPI management

Quality conversions go beyond simple downloads to focus on loyal user acquisition. With our LTV dashboard and insights, our unique solution allows you to gain long-term loyal users at scale to overperform on campaign performance metrics.

detailed monitoring of campaigns

Alerts and

Customizable Media Operation Warnings (MOWs) immediately alert users to any irregular campaign activity and critical status changes, while regular activity notifications ensure users don't miss any fraudulent activity, changes of campaign caps, or any other campaign action.

manage caps efficiently

Dynamic no-hassle offer
and caps management

Manage caps by offers or affiliates based on conversions, clicks, revenue and payouts, saving time and investments.

Bidmotion offers simple interface

Simple and

Our tree-shaped workflow permits one unique link per offer and all associated sub-offers.

Bidmotion provides custom reports and real-time insights based on prediction algorithms


In addition to custom reports for frequently-used data points, Hydrane technology uses proprietary algorithms to generate valuable campaign insights, allowing users to rank media partners, offers revenue predictions per offer on daily/monthly basis, and more. Real-time quality insights allows users to identify top- and under-performing channels through data comparison and visualization, on a single dashboard.

Allows you to take immediate action to prevent fraud or abnormal activity

Security &
fraud Prevention

Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with custom alerts that recognize and inform users of any abnormal campaign behavior in real time. Block unwanted partners through integrated freezes and blacklisting.

fast redirect time for opimized campaigns

redirect times

Every second counts in the fast-paced world of mobile advertising, and the Hydrane platform includes faster redirect times than any other marketing platform. Stop wasting time, start optimizing.

our expert team offers you permanent support

We're with
you every step

Whether you're a newbie or a mobile veteran, our team of dedicated mobile customer success experts is available for 24/7 instant and personal support.

we help you implement and customize


Our team of mobile veterans work with you every step of the way to implement and customize to your needs. To set up campaigns, simply provide the app store URL to import all relevant information directly into the intuitive system. Simple campaign management lets users establish constraints and share campaigns with a simple click.

complete branding freedom

White labeled

Complete branding freedom allows for the use of custom logos and colors throughout the platform, enabling clients to reinforce their brand both internally and externally with a tailored solution.

mobile integration gives you access from everywhere


Like us, our users are mobile first. The Hydrane platform seamlessly integrates data and gives users dashboard access to optimize campaigns from anywhere, on any device.

collaborate with your teams


Create manager accounts for internal teams and extended network. Increase partner satisfaction through individual role-specific portals for affiliates and advertisers. Ensure all users have access to all relevant offers with full control over user authorizations.

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