About Hydrane

We are using Big Data techniques and Artificial Intelligence to empower worldwide mobile marketers.

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The founding of the Hydrane mobile ad platform

How did the adventure begin ?

Once upon a time, in December 2014 to be exact, Hydrane was born at its current headquarters in Paris, France, the home of co-founder Daniel Nathan.

The Hydrane concept began as a SaaS model, an all-encompassing media buying platform.

And so it began, Hydrane creates technology that makes mobile marketers more efficient. The white-labeled solution uses big data techniques to provide key predictive insights for efficient effective campaign optimizations.

Hydrane began small and grew quickly by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to support the work of efficient people.

During testing phases, the technology surpassed all expectations and led us to develop our managed service as well: why not use our own technology to help the world’s top mobile apps attain new users? Explore the BidMotion managed service here.

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our pillars

mobile adtech expertise


Our 3 founders have an entrepreneurial track record, having started no less than 10 companies combined, all within the mobile and advertising technology space. This expertise enables our consistent campaign success and the technology that drives the Hydrane AI Engine.

new entrepreneurial adventures in martech


Hydrane welcomes challenges, failures, and change as a means to grow personally and as a company. We are in this ride together and are always open to new adventures this fast-paced industry provides.

maintain open company mentality and startup roots


Despite our rapid success, Hydrane strives to maintain its startup roots, and our humble approach enables us to always keep an open mentality that accepts new challenges as hidden opportunities.

multinational company for global mobile app promotion


We make our own culture at Hydrane. With our multinational team, global ad campaigns, and trusted by partners across multiple continents, Hydrane pushes international limits.